MC Sweet Tea


August 07, 2005

MC Sweet Tea was the birthday girl at Bacchanal Sunday night. Along with the wine store's owner, she celebrated her birthday with a party in the back. She let the amount of people build up, and then she took to the makeshift stage. She was dressed in an outfit best described as trashy cool. She wore bleached hair, a cadillac hood ornament on the end of a chain around her neck, and aviator sunglasses.

Her lyrical character was laid back and sweet, but it was also adversarial. Like someone whispering in your ear before they yank it. Like, "You think you know everything, but here's what's really going on." It was hoetry. She talked about hos and stripping more than twice.

The subject of her first song was getting a job. It was funny, but it wouldn't have been as entertaining without the Tastee Hot dancers. Three women dressed in bright secretary outfits did a dance routine in front of Sweet Tea. They also sat down in chairs to think about their resumes. The dancing was a great mix of the visual with the auditory. Since someone was taking the time to act out the lyrics, it made me think about them more. The dancers eventually let their hair down and did pole dances without poles.

MC Sweet Tea was all about the rhymes and havin' a good time. Her lyrics were full of pop culture references, which made me think of Ballzack. She had hooks for each song. They were anthemic, hand-waving chants. At least at this gig, she wasn't taking what she was doing too seriously. She was a little bothered when the songs that carried her beats skipped, but she didn't freak out.

She was an accomplished rapper. The meter wasn't always ABAB, and her rhymes were obviously well thought out in a writing session. Unfortunately, like MC Paul Barman, at times they were a little too well thought out. She didn't have enough breath to complete long-winded sentences. Her songs varied between the amount of words she rhymed in a couplet, but she wasn't show-offy like Eminem or 2 Skinnee J's. Thank God she wasn't rhyming every other word and making my head spin.

MC Sweet Tea has the skills, the beats, and the visual aids to get a party started.

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