One Eyed Jacks

July 30, 2005

Glorybee is getting better. They're not yet parallel with the "what the hell is this?!" mind-numbing power they hit me with a little more than a year ago(read our first review). But, since lead singer Dirk left the band and they had to start over with all new songs, the band has made their edges smoother and smoother concert after concert(Dragon's Den to House of Blues to now). At One Eyed Jacks Saturday night, Glorybee played songs that were better rehearsed and more fleshed out than at their two previous gigs.

Keyboardist and programmer Bradley brought the hip-hop back into their sound, even if it was only for a second. The band slowed down "Buddy" and called it reggae. In addition, Glorybee's new metalurgist/percussionist added some alien-like, distorted back-up vocals. They worked because any quirky sound works with the band's free jazz attitude. Bleeps, and oh yes--their secret weapon. It used to be lead singer Nancy's bass playing, which is missed. Now it's the drummer's drum machine accuracy. It's really disgusting how well he plays with two small sticks on a kid's drum kit.

He's got a penchant for strange beats that don't accent in expected places. The beats interweave but rarely lock in with the metal and keyboard rhythms. This is why the music can be so hard to consume at first. There's no discernable base or place to set your comfort on. You've gotta find the place where all the rhythms meet on your own. You've gotta hear it for yourself. This is challenging and a little annoying during the first listen. Especially when Nancy is dancing around in joy like it's the easiest thing to hear. But, when you find it and start dancing, it can be very reqarding. Thankfully, I found it at One Eyed Jacks. At the beginning of the concert, I was standing there, thinking, "Have I been duped? I don't get it. I don't get it!" I was about to write off the new stuff, but then the band hit a stride and never looked back.

Nancy might be needed on the bass, but she still makes a great frontwoman. She was wonderfully enthusiastic. She had a cadre of facial expressions to go along with her dramatic movements. Nancy was dressed in a glittery, pixie costume. She waved around an angel on a wand in choreographed time to the music. The guys were dressed in their normal jumpsuits.

More so than at the House of Blues or The Dragon's Den, this concert seemed like their true coming-out party. Many fans stood on the floor at attention and seemed to enjoy the music.

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