David Mooney Organ Trio


July 24, 2005

Two things that are obvious about the David Mooney Organ Trio since seeing them at d.b.a. Sunday night:

1. They're very good at what they do.
2. They've got a sense of humor. Having a sense of humor in jazzland(not the theme park--the place that all the jazz bands inhabit) is booty-ful and rare. Since David Mooney plays the guitar, and he put his name in front of the organ--well, that's just funny. Why not give props to the organist?

Normally, you can find Mooney playing guitar for the Hot Club of New Orleans, arguably the best traditional jazz ensemble in the city. But, for at least two years, Mooney crafted original solo songs with drummer Simon Lott and bassist Peter Martin for two solo albums. Sunday night, Martin was gone and organist Matthias Bublath stepped in to play some tunes from those records. The trio was also joined by saxophonist Scott Bourgeois, who gave the scene a good kick in the ribs when he recently left for New York City.

Back to what they do--the trio swung soft and hard. Most the trio's material was reminiscent of the trad. jazz leanings of the Hot Club, but at times, the boundless energy of Lott burned up all the oxygen in the place. He smiles so much and has so much fun playing the material it's annoying. It's really just jealousy. Why is he so happy? How can I be so happy? Nacho Mama's has 2 for 1 margaritas?

Mooney bent his knees and also got into the music--especially during the ballad that featured his vocals. I had no idea the man could sing so well. More vocal songs, please.

The only problem with Mooney's music was that it wasn't very adventurous. If you want to see jazz played well, go see his trio, but if you want to see someone pushing the envelope, this is not the band for you. Maybe it should be good enough that they're good, but to sit down and be able to predict the structure of his songs is not fun. It's been done, and to see such young guys just running through the old routine is disheartening. And, really--why do all jazz guitars have the same tone? Let's mix it up, people.

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