The Wrong History

The Howlin' Wolf

July 20, 2005

The first song was a disaster. The beat, the guitars, the vocals. It was a total train wreck, and my hopes were nil when the second song started. Still, local Rock band The Wrong History rebounded and went on to play an enjoyable set of inspiring, intricate songs at The Howlin' Wolf Wednesday night.

This was their first gig ever, but they were no rookies. Each member has been in a gigging local rock before, and it was the strangest thing--all their old fans were there. Fifty people had bought tickets before the doors opened, and The Howlin' Wolf was practically packed on a weekday night, so these were some loyal fans. Whatever scene these people were were representing was a scene I totally missed out on. The old band fans took a chance on The Wrong History's new, original music, but it seemed like they were pleased. Applause was abundant, and inside jokes flew back and forth between specific audience members and the band.

The Wrong History played dreamy, wonderfully understated, shoegazer Rock. They used a piano as much as the drummer used a trumpet or a trombone. This was "use your head" rock, which is neither good nor bad. Some people may have liked the way the sleepy trombone and trumpet met up with the lazy vocals, while others may have found the offbeat rhythms and slightly broken guitar tones to be difficult. Even if you liked the music, as I did, the busy drumbeats were a little annoying. The drummer was talented, bu there's no need to create a racket when the songs don't call for it.

When the songs did build up and turn into noise pastiches, The Wrong History did a great job of connecting all the dots in the music so that a repeat of song #1 didn't occur. If this is only their first show--well, look out for this band.

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