July 14, 2005

CO2 tanks propelled fake blood against the dancer's body and blasted it out from the fake neck onto the audience. It was definetely funny to see the headless Michael Jackson character continue to do "hee-hee" dances as blood shot out from where his head should have been. Between songs Michael had been brought out with a baby cradled in his arms. Someone imitated Jackson's high-pitched voice until bassist and axe-wielder Beefcake The Mighty disposed of Jackson's head. That would have been a proper time for Jackson to drop the baby. The blood didn't stop drenching the audience until the end of the following song.

So it is at a GWAR concert. Blood, gore, and a sick sense of humor. If you like Heavy Metal and laugh during the Faces of Death movies, then you would have enjoyed the GWAR concert at Twiropa Thursday night.

GWAR is all about visual weirdness. GWAR(God What An Awful Racket) is a satirical Prog/Thrash Metal band from Virginia that's sleazy, irreverent, and theatrical. They're known for their elaborately disgusting costumes and gooey live shows. The costumes last night were made of latex and papier-mache, and they looked frighteningly real. Latex wrapped around the lips of guitarist Balsac the Jaws of Death and imitated a second film of skin. Yucky but supremely cool.

According to, "GWAR was formed at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond as an experiment in marketing strategy by musicians, art students, and dancers. The group claims to consist of all-powerful interplanetary warriors, descended from aliens stranded in Antarctica and initially created from the lowest filth in the universe, who have come to Earth to sexually enslave and/or slaughter the human race. All members perform under aliases; the main group consists of Oderus Urungus(vocals), Balsac(guitar), Flattus Maximus(guitar), Beefcake(bass), and Jizmak the Gusher(drums)."

GWAR took on Jackson, Laci Peterson, George Bush, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They were all eventually decapitated. A disgusting fetus was attached to Peterson, and the good ole boy network was mentioned before Bush was done away with. Ahnold dueled with Beefcake and put up the best fight, but you knew he had to die.

GWAR was a little malevolent. They were a Metal band, after all. They had a sharp(don't excuse the pun) sense of humor, but there was a lot of anger in the execution(don't excuse the pun) of their comedy. I'm not sure why it was so funny, but every once and a while Oderus told the audience to shut up in a silly, scolding tone.

Oh, yeah--the music. Before the concert people kept talking about how bad GWAR's Speed Metal is, and I'm no connoisseur of Speed Metal, but I'm gonna say that most of the time the music was average. It was good enough to provide a valid backdrop for the theatrics, which I think is the point. The mixture of testosterone-filled music and base visuals was a teenage boy's wet dream. The concert was an experience, and the experience was fun. That is--if you don't mind Oderus' fake, jumbo phallus blasting you with neon green liquid.

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