The Terror of the Sea(Pt. 2)


June 20, 2005

*Please read the first review of this band for a better grasp of their sound.

At Twiropa Monday night The Terror of the Sea sounded like a great band at the beginning of their run. That's not meant to discount their current, enjoyable sound. It's an acknowledgement that the band has the tools to build something great. They have the talent and passion. Now, it's all a matter of whether they focus and execute.

The Sonic Youth and Pavement--influenced rock band from Baton Rouge played music that was at times sweet and at other times maniacal. Terror of the Sea was vocalist/guitarist Brett Jones, bassist Robbie Howton, guitarist Leslie Cox, and drummer Joshua White.

"Pompeii" was the night's highlight. It showered the decent-sized crowd with arena-rock eardrum busting soulfully soaring noise that was clearly out to move people. The song also had its quieter, sensitive moments, but I was only really waiting for the noise again.

The music seemed too blurry at times. A little rough around the edges. That feeling probably originated with the mumbled, typical indie vocals of Jones. He faced away the crowd while he sang most of the songs, so maybe when he gets more confidence, the vocals will rival the music in importance.

At their best the band built and beat a moment against the wall until the head exploded and all the blood splattered against the wall in euphoric release. They understood the power of rock. It's always fun to watch bands that have a grasp of their testosterone. That's most bands, anyway, but The Terror of the Sea knew when to go overboard with it, knew how long to go overboard, and also knew when to keep their machismo in check.

White was definetely the most valuable member of the band. His skill and ability to come up with such a variety of beats to complement the melodies was so important to the music.

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