The White Bitch

2527 N. Rampart

June 18, 2005

The White Bitch(a.k.a. Michael Patrick Welch) has played with D.J. Potpie, Adam Outlaw, Lil' Gregory, and on Saturday night at a Bywater party, he played with longtime friend D.J. Prettybird. Seems like his white boy Soul music can gel with anybody's, so why not Harry Connick, Jr.? Picture it. Connick digging on The White Bitch's falsetto and red-faced scream. Yeah. It's a moment in fantasy history.

D.J. Prettybird was in town for a short time, and he and The White Bitch only jammed once before the party, but their music fused wonderfully. Prettybird was working a laptop with programmed beats and samples, along with a keyboard. The White Bitch had his electric guitar. Prettybird was tasteful. If he didn't have a complement for The White Bitch's music, he stayed quiet.

The White Bitch showed his true potential. Normally, he plays with a sidekick that adds levity and degradation to the music. Somebody that can turn up the heat but make you wonder if you're watching a novelty act. At the party The White Bitch was in a dark room with inhabitants seated against the walls. Without a sidekick and in such a sensual setting, The high quality of White Bitch's music came out and it gained some integrity. It became apparent that no matter if he was screaming his lungs out against a noise guitar rave-up or serenading, his music always had head-nodding beats and melody. No wonder so many people have performed with The White Bitch. His songs are sketches that provide the perfect base to be built upon. Colored upon.

D.J. Prettybird added quirky voice samples and ambient splotches of apple red. Like The White Bitch's music was a white checkerboard, and Prettybird was filling in the squares here and there. As one evaporated, he filled up a new one. The White Bitch's songs were fun enough, but with unpredictable music coming from Prettybird throughout the set, things became...even more fun.

Surprise her this Thanksgiving's Day. What?

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