Iron and Wine--View #2

House of Blues

June 09, 2005


*For perspective, read the first view before you read this one.

"And then the shooshing began." As well it should have. Of course there are two bars. Take your noise to the other side so that great music can be appreciated.

The melodic voice of Samuel Beam(a.k.a. Iron and Wine) was captivating. The band reconfigured all of their classics with different instruments, rhythms, and beats. The House of blues became the Church of Iron and Wine. With the church in session, let the loud kids stay at home.

The sweet Southern style Of Iron and Wine filled the heart and the soul. Emotions ran like stars of track and field. Highlights from the positive hecklers included such quotes as "I love your sound", "Your new EP is great", and "Never stop playing...never." I felt a connection to the band that was like no other. Sam felt a connection to the audience as well, since he proclaimed his love for the congregation not once but three times in the middle of his songs. As an encore he performed "Fever Dream." It was just as memorable and even sweeter in person.

It's just not worth it to compare Iron and Wine. They have a soothing revamped folk sound that utilizes drums, banjos, and whatever else they what whenever. The music wouldn't sound the same without Beam's voice. The audience catered to Sam with deep respect, knowledge, and attentive eyes and ears. Sam catered to the crowd with delightful sounds, mild humor, incredible remixes, and probably even more respect than we had.

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