Bright Eyes


June 03, 2005

Unless you must see Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst in person, skip the show and listen to the CD's. The Bright Eyes show at Twiropa Friday night sounded more like a recreation of an album, not a rock concert. Oberst and the rest of his band seemed subdued as they played sensitive and floaty songs. The intelligent, textured, singer-songwriter tales weren't supposed to inspire headbanging, but Oberst could have taken a risk with the live form instead of producing a copy of album tracks.

The music was beautiful. The songs of Bright Eyes are littered with Oberst's talent for arrangement. Still, give us a visual aid. Get some female dancers out there. Break the tense sincerity of the indie boy heart. A recent t-shirt read, "Relax, it's just sex." Enough of the self-important, self pity. "It's a slow ride(doom doom doom dom dom*) take it easy."

*Warning: This is not an official sound transcription. A "dom" could easily be a "dum."

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