The Faint


June 03, 2005

If you have epilepsy, a Faint show is not for you. The rave lights ran through pupils every few seconds. That got old real quick, and it took away enjoyment of the music. Jeez, just turn off the lights and play your music. Thankfully, it was bearable.

The ten year-old group from Omaha hit the 3/4 full Live room at Twiropa with aggressive dance music. '80's catchy keyboards ruled, to the point that one audience member said, "Just like '83." He should know. He was around for the first new wave.

The Faint took from the past, but they also added to the formula with a punk energy and sound. Bits of Gang of Four and Sonic Youth guitars were normal. As far as that energy--the band bounded around the stage. During "Worked Up So Sexual," the lead singer let out a Trent Reznor-like scream before the song went into the instrumental chorus. That's how strong the beats and keyboards were by themselves. The Faint regularly dealt with decadent and depressing topics, which went right with their stark music. Bad intentions, dysfunctional relationships, conspicuous consumption, and corrupt politics

Dance your anger out.

As far as the quality of music--well, two people polled liked it, and two people hated it. Me? Well, it all goes back to the lights. Without them, I might have wanted to dance.

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