The Blackfire Revelation(Pt. 4)

One Eyed Jacks

May 24, 2005

I felt the burn of a touring band last night. I thought The Blackfire Revelation was good to begin with, but playing almost every night has tightened them up. When they opened up for Unsane at One Eyed Jacks Tuesday night, local rock band The Blackfire Revelation breezed through their set with the ease of routine and the confidence of familiarity. The great thing is that they also managed to play with greater passion than in the past. They seemed just a little more comfortable in their skin, and they had a couple more moves. A favorite was drummer Hank Haney's left arm eighteen wheeler fist pumps when accentuating a hook by hitting the ride cymbal with the opposite drumstick.

The Blackfire Revelation was straight up heavier. The metal's getting to them. There band used more metallic riffs, along with more double kick drum pedal hits.

The crowd size was decent. There wasn't a sign of a mosh pit until the end of the set, when a bunch of hooligans started stage diving onto one another. That's about as crazy as it got. You know what would be appropriate? If someone rushed into the room with a giant steel hammer and pounded into the stage.

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