Intergalactic Faerie Funk

The Mermaid Lounge

January 28, 2004

New Orleans was strange to Intergalactic Faerie Funk. The instrumental electronica band from Knoxville had 250 people grooving to their music at their previous tour stop.

But, on Tuesday night at The Mermaid Lounge, nobody was dancing, most were talking, and it seemed like a scant few were paying any attention. I thought I was still listening to the barís house music when I turned around and saw three guys on stage.

The group consisted of an acoustic guitarist, a bassist and a man on a sequencer that had multiple multicolored wires. The music wasnít good enough to warrant that many wires. Sure, I could tap your foot to it, but I could have just as easily leave the building. It didnít help the band that they didn't say one word the whole set.

Their saving grace was the creativity of the guitarist, who struck his strings in a percussive manner and ran a screwdriver up and down the strings to create a wah-wah effect.

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