Brant Bjork and Bros

One Eyed Jacks

May 17, 2005

Brant Bjork is the stoner-rock wunderkind. In the '90's he played drums with Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator, and Dessert Sessions before becoming a solo artist. The Joshua Tree resident writes all his songs, and in Dave Grohl fashion, is now the vocalist/rhythm guitarist. He records under his name, but he tours as Brant Bjork and The Bros, which includes drummer Mike Peffer, bassist Dylan Roche on bass, and guitarist Cortez.

While former Kyuss member Josh Homme outgrew the caveman sensibility of stoner rock and moved onto more intellectual and artier ground with Queens of The Stone Age, Bjork has stuck with his love for the undeniably head-nodding, sauntering blues groove. If you want a bunch of changes, go somewhere else. Brant Bjork and Bros played music at One Eyed Jacks Tuesday night that was repetitive until it became psychedelic.

Bjork and Bros didn't try and escape the past-its-prime, stoner-rock moniker. They embraced it. bjork wore a large scarf as a headband, and his hair looked just as grungy as the rock star long black wigs. Who knows if it was a wig?

Bjork did spoken word testimonials over some super masculine guitar chord progressions. The kind of stuff that's reminiscent of Fu Manchu, except the music wasn't such an onslaught. It was softer, slower, more sensitive and light. Like The Cars. Catchy.

Bjork and the band also played long, drawn-out blues jams. They were gritty and tense because of all the space in the music. It was elemental, for sure.

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