The Tomatoes

Howlin' Wolf

May 13, 2005

Please refer to The Tomatoes' Twiropa review located in the archive section for a more detailed description of the band and their sound.

Local rock band The Tomatoes played a standard set at the Howlin' Wolf Friday night when they opened for The Burden Brothers. They played only fast songs and rocked as hard as usual, but they weren't as animated as when they played an in-store set at The Mushroom last month. In the record store they were on the same level as and only a few feet from the audience. I could feel the sound from the amps making waves in my pant leg. It was very hot up there and much more intense. At the Howlin' Wolf The Tomatoes were above the audience and further away. Also, though there were a few in the crowd who danced close to the stage, the band faced a largely empty area up front. Maybe that's why lead singer/guitarist Will Burdette wasn't as lively at the Howlin' Wolf. He didn't do as many jumps, and though he had his screaming face on, he didn't seem as moved by the music as he was at The Mushroom. The anomaly to this was when Burdette dropped to the floor and played the remainder of a song writhing on his back. Even the drummer looked surprised by this.

All in all, The Tomatoes still played tight, catchy, well-crafted, and straightforward rock. Why these guys aren't more popular is beyond me.

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