May 09, 2005

The catchiness and pop sensibility in the music of Erasure is hard to deny. Even if their girth of earnesty is cheesy. The twenty year-old dance-pop duo from London played a two hour set at Twiropa Monday night that mixed impeccable musicianship with flamboyant theatrics. The music was dramatic, celebratory, and slick.

Now, I'm not really sure how much of the music was pre-programmed--definetely the beats--and how much work former Depeche Moder Vince Clarke was doing on the synthesizer, so don't get your undies in a bind if I point out the songs started and ended on a dime. "Of course they did. They're pre-programmed!" Well, I guess that's just the natural advantage pre-programmed music has over live music.

The crowd coulda cared less. They were waving their arms in the air, dancing, having a gay old time. Erasure is very good at making people lose their shit, especially the homosexual contingent, which turned out in full force for the concert. There were at least 1200 people in the Live Room.

The concert was an experience. A very professional one. Bell wore a glittery costume, and an elaborate stage design upped the drama in the music. The bright colors onstage went well with the vibrant, gleeful, and bouncing music.
Erasure brought a great light show with them--it was like an arena light show. Two spotlights were set up in the middle of the room and focused on the band.

Erasure had two back-up singers, but they were just for color, not cover. Bell's voice was crystalline. He's still got it. In between songs, Bell said thanks, but that was it for onstage banter. Song highlights were "A Little Respect," "Chains of Love," and "Breathe."

I can't stress enough how into it the crowd was. After EVERY song started, a roar went up from the audience.

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