Kim Carson Buffalo Speedway


April 29, 2005

Kim Carson was in full control. With her broad smile and swagger, she emitted an undefiable aura. It didn't hurt that her music was enjoyable, as well. She and her band had such a hold on the songs that the Jazzfest performance on Friday was a no-lose situation. Carson knew when to drawl out one word for effect, and she worked the crowd with her good looks.

Carson recently moved from New Orleans to Houston, which is where her new band Buffalo Speedway hails from. Guitarist Carson was joined by drummer J.D. DiTullio, upright bassist Shawn Supra, and lead guitarist/vocalist Adam Burchfield.

Carson and the band played country or tonkabilly, depending on the speed and intensity of the song. Burchfield got on the vocals for the most rockin' song of the day.

"Three Beers Behind" was a funny tale of catch up, while "I-10 Westbound Blues" documented the troubles of leaving New Orleans and Louisiana. The song's fast shuffle and accompanying twang seemed to dictate a by-the-book vocal performance, but Carson broke out of her flow to deliver a short, humorous rant about traffic.

"Honky Tonk Girl" was simply about falling in love with a honky tonk guy. It swung hard with a straight beat. Burchfield's slide guitar notes spelled country love.

Jazzfest was the last time to catch Carson before she left for a summer-long tour of Switzerland, France, and Germany, but she'll be back in Jefferson during September.

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