Benjy Davis Project


April 28, 2005


Wearing a white t-shirt and aviator sunglasses, Benjy Davis stood at the front of the stage with his guitar. In the "Your Body is a Wonderland" John Mayer style, he dreamily breathed into the mic. The coeds must have been eating it up.

Benjy Davis is the 21 year-old sensitive Baton Rouge boy that loves to party. He has an affinity for writing romantic songs girls will like and guitar solo-drenched affirmations of excess that guys can rock out to--soulfully. It's stuff your parents will like.

The Benjy Davis Project is a sextet from BR that plays soul-influenced Southern rock. On Thursday afternoon at the Jazzfest, Davis was joined by bassist Brett Bolden, drummer Mic Capdevielle, electric guitarist Jonathan Lawhun, violinist Anthony Rushing, and keyboardist Michael Galasso.

"New Orleans" was hook-filled and well-crafted. It was a pleasantly rocking party anthem. "I got a pocket full of money and a fake I.D./never met the owner, but he looks like me/more drunk women than a boy's wet dream/I love women, and I love New Orleans." That last line got a lot of applause from the audience, but the most clever lyric came later in the song--"Oh I trust women/But not on Bourbon Street."

"Wait Until The Next Life" was the afformentioned romantic side that showed Davis' versatility as a lyricist. The song was about a man who lost hjis wife to disease, only to run into her 100 years later.

Rushing and Galasso added much texture and character to the songs. Rushing's violin sounded like an electric guitar, which was cool, but it was drowned out by everything else too often.

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