Hoodoo Taxi

Lounge Lizards

January 29, 2004

The proliferation of magnificent music in New Orleans screws up the bell curve for mediocre bands. It just makes them seem worse than they are. Such was the problem with blues/rock cover band Hoodoo Taxi at Lounge Lizards on Thursday night.

It’s not that they were bad. They had me stomping my feet a few times and their bassist and vocalist/harmonica player were solid, but they were just off and less than solid. The band was bassist Andy Kurz, drummer Lenny Guidroz, vocalist Charlie Dulworth, and guitarist Quint Quintiliani.

Since they were calling out key signatures before almost every song, it seemed like this was the first time they had played in a while. Either that, or they had a new member. A constant problem was the drummer’s aggressive playing and his loud sound. His massive attack was not visually suited for the boogie band, and the constant crash of his cymbals overshadowed the rest of them.

The band covered “Messin' with the Kid,” “Whole Lotta Love,” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” among others. Two impressive things about the band were the harmonica solos and the guitarist’s swift finger picking. He didn’t use a pick the whole night.

But, there remains the all important question: Would I go see them again? No.

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