Los Sagitarios


April 24, 2005

Los Sagitarios played pleasurable, booty-shaking Latin music at Jazzfest Sunday. The difficulty in creating exceptional Latin music shouldn't be ignored, but at the same time, Los Sagitarios didn't re-invent the wheel. Their polyrhythms would be familiar to anyone who's heard Latin music before. Still, that's never the point with dance music that's not trying to change the world. Dance music like that of Los Sagitarios is just trying to get people happy. It's just trying to provide some guilt-free auditory fun. Who cares if it sounds like all that other stuff that moved your hips? If it works, it works. Anomalies--at times they used synchronized organ accents with snare hits to create a carnival sound. Also, at points they employed a straight rock beat that was accompanied by surf guitar.

The best part of the concert was when the female vocalist tried to show the crowd how to properly move their hips while dancing. This may be an easy joke, but white people forget about the hips sometimes. I know I forgot. I benefited from her demonstration. My dance quality must have gone up by about ten percent, afterwards.

The band benfitted from having a female and a male vocalist. They joked with each other and thus created an easy-going concert atmosphere.

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