Marc Broussard


April 23, 2005

It doesn't make sense. How did a 22 year-old from Carencro become a national sensation opening for the Dave Matthews Band and appearing on Conan O' Brien? Stranger things have happened, but Marc Broussard's well-crafted songs are too good for his age. Either he's a wunderkind, or he's been groomed. None of the songs on his hit album "Carencro" were penned alone. Might he be the mirror image of Britney Spears? A little eye candy for the ladies and a rockin' beat for the men? Broussard must have been embarassed when the MC's introduction before his Saturday Jazzfest performance even alluded to his good looks.

Enough speculation. It's a fact Broussard played enjoyable, easy-sliding songs. He rocked, he romanticized, and he showed off his powerful voice. With his many impromptu, crystalline "oooh"s, he kept an allegiance with soul music throughout the set. Broussard started the set with three driving, funky songs that used guitar solos. "Rocksteady" was one of those irresistible songs that you'll start singing without thought. Broussard played a Stevie Wonder song later in the set, and he showed Wonder's and Harry Connick Jr.'s influence during "Come Around." It was a subtly rocking soul song with synthesizer hooks. Broussard reached for a Prince-like scream and got the crowd to sing along with the song's do-do-do breakdown.

Broussard and his band's execution of the songs was spotless. The crowd was into it, as they should have been. Scientists found the finger for everyone's pleasure button. It may not be the best music you've ever heard, but you'll probably come away nodding your head.

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