The Walkmen


April 22, 2005

Somebody shoot me in the face. The sound was horrendous at Twiropa for The Walkmen's show Friday night, but they're even worse on record. At least during the extremely muddy live show(vocals? who needs vocals?), I tapped my knee and was into the music when the singer screamed. I think he was screaming because the sound was so bad. He was obviously mad about it.

Back to what I was saying--The Walkmen play bad music. Mopey music with a purpose or melody is fine, but jangly guitars that run in circles over a prominent but boring beat underneath vocals that are so "cool" they could care less--that's not good. The singer sounds like he wants to be taken out of his misery.

The Strokes play good music(ahhh, melody), but I didn't think anyone could sound less interested in life than them. I was wrong.

How does music like this get popular? Is it really good? Am I missing something? I must be missing something. Even if it doesn turn out that The Walkmen are worth something, that show was horrible. I really tried to like it cause it was the headlining band and I wanted to enjoy myself. I wanted to like the band because I knew so many other people did(oh, that peer pressure), but what's the big deal? You're better off shooting up with morphine if you're that down on yourself and careless about life. Just float away.

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