Alex Obert


March 28, 2004


Alex Obert hunched over his double bass and created grating sounds with swifty bow runs. A looped, catchy groove-oriented bass line played underneath all the while.

At this point, Hollow Bones(a.k.a. Obert) had me confused. The noisy soundscapes made with aggressive bow attacks were enjoyable, but what was he trying to say? Was he questioning the validity of the accessible bass lines by re-creating them with ease song after song?

All it took to simplify things and determine his intent was a cover. Obert sang The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows," one of the best and trippiest Rock songs ever written. The emotional veracity of his Peter Gabriel-like voice tore into my soul, and I got it. He loved music and just wanted to be heard. Then I was with him all the way. it didn't hurt that he created a beautiful symphony of dischord that suggested lose myself in the void.

Obert's music was tortured and haunting. He cautioned sadness with shaman-like incantations and created emotional release with a plucking flurry. It was music to stomp to, but he was the antithesis of a cover band.

Get your attention span up, and be in a good, solitary mood before you go see this guy. The raw and experimental nature of the music will test your staying power.

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