Settly and the Disappointments

The Circle Bar

April 18, 2005

On his web page, Settly has a sub page reserved for butts. Just pictures of various butts. This man is silly, but that's good. It came out when he played The Circle Bar Monday night with the Disappointments. Sure, it was obvious he was taking his music seriously, because it was good, but not once did I think he was the kind to worry about it endlessly. His approach was too raw. He's been playing music in New Orleans for too long. At this point he should be either jaded or just not give a shit. I'd vote for the latter.

My mistake. That web page that had the butts on it was a different Settly completely--a young girl(I don't appreciate your thoughts. The butts on that page are covered. It's completely innocent. She has other sub-pages about Alaska and the election. Really--check it out-- But, I believe my point, whatever it was, still stands. The band didn't rehearse for the gig and Settly wore a Hitler moustache around with his new wave haircut for a week just to piss people off.

The haircut was no coincidence. Or maybe it was. But act like it wasn't. Settly used a guitar synthesizer to produce the most rockin', catchiest new wave you never heard. Hooks met Who-style drumming. There was a drawback to the great sound, though--the look of it. The haircut was ballsy but still horrendous, and I'd have to agree with bartender Stephanie when she said Settly played the "gayest guitar I've ever seen." There should be a picture of it to your right.

No slow songs. The sometimes cheesy synthesizer sounds would have garnered puke or laughs for the average band, but this music was well-structured and intriguing, so they worked. Settly mixed the synth with a '50's guitar sound. He was backed by a keyboardist, drummer, and bassist.

Settly has produced and engineered music, and his current gig is soundman at One Eyed Jack's. His other band is Zoom, which is also good.

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