Friends of Bleach

The Dixie Taverne

April 08, 2005

It was the night that the world discovered Kurt Cobain shot himself in 1994. In a grave recognition of the time of year, Friends of Bleach, a local band consisting of one member of local band Friends of Fire, played Nirvana's "Bleach" album in its entirety a week earlier at The Dixie Taverne. It went over so well Friends of Bleach were back on April 8th to do it again.

The concert succeeded because Friends of Bleach knew every nuance of the album. Why would they cover the album unless they were super fans? The band was fairly tight. They were sloppy on some changes, but it didn't really matter. The point was that they were performing the album well enough and with love for the material. That came through in the execution, mainly of the vocals, so the crowd was gonna clap just as long as the band didn't butcher the songs. They didn't.

The bassist and guitarist switched vocal duties, sometimes mid-song, which was an enjoyable way to re-structure the numbers. The guitarist played Cobain solos note for note. It was fun to hear the music live. The band gave a faded feeling of what it would have been like to hear the band live, but they obviously weren't as intense. Their screams were believable and came off, though.

The crowd screamed along, and as a joke, one audience member said, "Play some Nirvana." The band played the songs, and after much haranguing, the crowd got the band to play another song. It was the unexpected "Turnaround," a Devo cover off of Nirvana's "Incesticide" album. The song was an example of Nirvana's greatest strength. They could make hard rock super poppy.

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