Fry Cook

The Dixie Taverne

April 08, 2005

Fry Cook was the reason why it's smart to arrive at concerts early. An unknown but upcoming band from out of town might have more talent and more to say for their genre than most from New Orleans. This was the case Friday night when Mobile's Fry Cook played The Dixie Taverne.

Because of all their intelligent changes, Fry Cook's crazed metal never got boring. The music often changed in tempo and meter throughout each song. "Butchered Conversation" was a prime example. Since screams, crazed yelps, zombie leprechaun gnarls, a normal conversational tone, and all-out screams often followed right behind one another, the music seemed schizophrenic at first. There was structure to it, though. The verses lulled in free space and were pulled back into structure by snare hits. The metal also swung in unusual punctuations, prompting knee-lifting stomp dances from the band.

Fry Cook had the same circus music guitar tone as System of a Down, while they borrowed their harmonic vocals from Helmet. These vocals were used during parts that were epic and that had a constant melody.

From the beginning, the crowd seemed angry they had to sit through Fry Cook while waiting for the Nirvana tribute band to follow, but Fry Cook won them over by playing good music and making self-deprecating jokes in between songs. The band members talked about how they must be rednecks because they were from Mobile; they didn't learn until a certain age that riding a bike through the tunnel was illegal.

They sang about the difficult-to-deal-with rise in fast food prices while on the road and "Music in My Penis." The lyrics were juvenile, lighthearted, and ultimately funny.

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