Hazard County Girls


April 24, 2004

Hazard County Girls opened up Jazzfest Saturday with chugging, nasty, dark rock. The local trio played mid-tempo numbers that sounded like angry admonitions.

They recalled The Melvins when they utilized sparse guitar playing and heavy bass grooves. They recalled Sonic Youth when the guitar and bass lines were repetitive, which produced a sensual, spacey mood. And, they recalled Nirvana when they would just let it all loose and rock out at the end of a song. What I'm trying to say, in a long winded way, is that they're good, and you should go see them.

The girls went for a broken doll image. Vocalist/guitarist Christy Kane snarled in her blue flower dress, her long blue and white tresses putting a stamp on her rockitude and beautiful features. Drummer Sharon Heather and bassist Jen Kirtlan filled out the imposing but sweet picture well(Kirtlan had some great fly sunglasses on). It should be no surprise that the cover art for their debut album is a creepy photo of an abused, broken, and transplanted doll sitting next to a sewing machine.

Kane was nice throughout the set, making small talk with the crowd. It took some of the tension away when Kane said it was weird to see sunlight while they were playing. She was also self-deprecating when she said her band was "nice morning music."

The band tours a lot, so if you see they're in town, go have fun seeing them in a small room.

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