Nine Pound Hammer

The Parish--SXSW

March 19, 2005

Nine Pound Hammer looked like they just downed two six packs of Stroh's, a carton of Marlboro's, and a couple strippers. Which was the point.

The nineteen year-old on-and-off-again quartet from Kentucky riffled through some straightforward, headache-producing punk-country during their SXSW showcase at The Parish Saturday night. It was fast, scuzzy bar music at its best. Go crazy, boys!

The band was tight, but they put on a raw, manic show. Vocalist Scott Luallen was a large man that stomped around the stage with energy and boundless enthusiasm. He fed off the crowd, which was full of old fans who slam-danced and shouted requests.

Guitarist Blaine Cartwright, who moved on to work with Nashville Pussy, played rapid solos that pumped blood and shook the nervous system.

The band played ten songs in thirty minutes. They blazed fun.

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