The Blackfire Revelation--Side 3

Club Deville--SXSW

March 18, 2005

The smoke came from the carpeted stage floor around vocalist/guitarist John Fields' feet. He stomped and stutter-danced around the stage in the midst of a solo. Was this a rock moment? Did The Blackfire Revelation set the stage on fire?

No. The local rock duo and other SXSW showcase bands dragged white dust from the shell parking lot behind Club Deville. The backstage area provided the stage with a layer that looked like smoke when disturbed.

But, The Blackfire Revelation might as well have set the whole club ablaze. Even though they only played for thirty minutes, The Blackfire Revelation played their best show yet.

After Fields spray painted a black "FNBFR" over the SXSW banner hanging high behind Hank Haney's drum kit, Fields shouted "Ladies and gentlemen" and the band was off into their signature opener, "Battle Hymn."

The Blackfire Revelation rocked the place with the intensity of punk and the strength of metal. The heavy blues-rock music was saturated with stop-and-go cymbal-struck grooves. Fields used a delay pedal to play rhythm and lead at the same time. The band was dramatic. That's a good word. Fields screamed and Haney scanned the audience with his drum stick between snare hits.

The new songs the band is recording for a full-length album were just as satisfying as their older material. "I Can See The Demons," the ode to Hunter S. Thompson the band recently wrote, was sludgier than most of their stuff. It stomped like a monster. Here are the lyrics:

no masquerade
no flesh upon my bones
no words to speak
my head up on the wall

the banshee screams
the snakes all turn to stone
through buffalo eyes
i can see the demons

the sun
don't set
on a man like me

i'm free,
the flood
in an arid land

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