The Double

The Parish--SXSW

March 18, 2005

The Double wasn't a live band. Under the right, intimate circumstances, they might succeed, but at The Parish Friday night for their Matador Records SXSW showcase, their subtlety was lost in a large, indifferent crowd.

The Double's stop and start collages of sound needed absorbing. The music needed a few listens, not a one-off lecture. As a result I found the music oblique and thus difficult.

The Double was a quartet that mixed electronic elements into rock. Crunchy guitars met programmed beats. They blended the darkness and vocals of Interpol with a short attention span.

The journey of "Up All Night" was a good example. Screeching metallic guitar sounds faded in and out as vocals went straight and a bongo beat occupied the background. With a crash of a cymbal, the organ came in and the rhythm became apparent. The guitar, cymbals, and organ built up together. The vocals got more immediate, but once the drummer started an easy beat, the song faded away. It seems like "journey" was a good word. The Double wasn't about climaxes or plots. The only certain thing about the concert was that a sound wouldn't be around for long.

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