The Deathray Davies(Pt. 2)

Room 710--SXSW

March 17, 2005

The six members of Dallas rock band The Deathray Davies somehow fit onto the small stage at Room 710 Thursday night. They played a SXSW Music Festival showcase for a packed performance room.

They were tight and rocked. Drummer Robert provided a simple, pounding beat while bassist/vocalist Jason and guitarist/vocalist John provided vocal harmonies. They gave the songs extra catchiness in the face of The Davies' loud sound.

The DRD played borderline heavy rock. They showed their sensitive and dorky sides through their lyrics and actions. The DRD was earnest and endearing. They smiled and were in a good mood. The lyrics were pensive and a little gloomy, but they were still silly. It was an energetic and fun show.

The band stuck to the faster songs. They played many new songs like "Clock in Now," but they also played oldies like "Daniel's Ego" and "The Medication's Gone." Songs from upcoming album, "The Kick and The Snare," seemed less melodic than their older material, but the show didn't suffer as a result. It's not hard to be wowed by The Davies.

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