Pinetop Perkins

Austin Music Hall--SXSW

March 16, 2005


The Austin Music Awards were held at the Austin Music Hall Wednesday night during the SXSW Music Festival. In between awards, legendary artists like Daniel Johnston, John Cale, and "Pinetop" Perkins played songs.

Unfortunately, Perkins opened the show solo and was only given a two song time slot to work with. The 91 year-old former Muddy Waters pianist won a Lifetime Achivement Award at this year's Grammy's. You'd think those kind of credentials would have gotten him at least fifteen minutes.

No matter. Perkins, the man who popularized the boogie woogie playing style, still had enough time to get feet pattering to the quick rhythm and heads nodding in time with his rollercoaster blues vocal delivery. The music was wandering blues one second, and then all of a sudden Perkins was off swingin' his ivories during a celebratory solo.

Bop bop bop bop ba
Bop bop bop bop bop do do-dum
Bop bop bop bop ba
Bop bop bop bop ba BREAK --SOLO!

The music was fun, and it was good. Perkins didn't say anything, but he didn't have to. The music spoke multitudes.

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