Sara Cohen

Carrollton Station

March 12, 2005

I squnched my face in horror and concern at too many singer-songwriters on acoustic guitar night that were embrassingly earnest with revelatory lyrics. Sara Cohen wasn't like that at Carrollton Station Saturday night.

Her lyrics were personal, but her staunch delivery and enjoyable music made for a dignified performance. It didn't seem like a show Cohen's later self would look back on and cringe. Cohen stood fast and played six(one cover) rhythmic songs that were more complex than usual folk fare. She slowed down for one number, but most of her set was full of quick chord changes during a punk pace. It was dance music. Her subtle bent notes added energy, and even though she didn't have the dexterity of Dave Matthews collaborator Tim Reynolds, her style was reminsicent of him.

Cohen's voice was sweet. She successfully hit high notes, and she created rhythmic cornerstones with the combination of vocal accents.

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