The Troublemakers


March 13, 2005

The Troublemakers played catchy and sloppy music at Twiropa Sunday night. It wasn't quite unique enough to realize the full potential of their hooks, though. Second line drumming, keyboards, and horn-driven melodies were cool in a rock context, but interesting instrumentation needed to be complemented with better songwriting for the music to have been a revelation. The Troublemakers were bassist Chris Repaal, drummer Keith Rogers, trumpeter Patrick Farrell, guitarist/vocalist Pauly Gailiunas, keyboarist Wendy Treat, and saxophonists Yoni Mazuz and Cassandra Burrows.

The local band was quirky, and their jovial attitude helped their music travel better. Rogers clapped and snapped in lieu of playing, and Gailiunas was the image of the intelligent, political frontman. He sang and half-rapped songs about universal health care, flag burning("International Flag Burning Day"), a long gone anarchist("Emma Goldman"), and the Orleans Parish Prison("Orleans Parish Prison"). Their strange lyrical selection reminded me of They Might Be Giants. Not the music, though.

The musicianship was mediocre. Either that or the band was half-assing it. The Troublemakers could have been much tighter.

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