The Comas


March 07, 2005


I know that I should not let technical difficulties distract me during a show, but when Nicole Gehweiler's amp cut out midway though The Comas' short set Monday night, it became increasingly difficult to pay attention to Andy Herod's sparse love songs. She graciously borrowed an amp from the goons in Vietnam, however, and remounted the stage. I don't know if it was the fact that Vietnam probably have some sort of voodoo in their amplifiers (trust me), but for the final 30 minutes, the Comas

The first (and frankly lackluster) first half of the set was forgotten behind a foamy wave of fuzz. With Gehweiler’s lead guitar back in the mix, each song soared, stomped, or slithered by. She and bassist Justin Williams jumped across the stage like they were in a punk band while
Herod churned out anthemia like "Moon Rainbow." Gehweiler joined Herod to sing charmingly delicate backing vocals on "Tonight on the WB," the best song Billy Corgan never wrote. To borrow a Broken Social Scene song title, this was late '90's bedroom rock for the masses.

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