March 07, 2005


Remember how Charles Manson wrote all of those songs and tried to get Beach Boy Brian Wilson to give him a recording contract? Vietnam is what would have happened had Manson gotten that contract and, rather than being a psychopath, listened to a lot of Sonic Youth, Hank Williams, and Neil Young.

Vietnam was a union between noise and country, between Brooklyn (their current home) and Texas (their original home). Vietnam was loud, dark, and great Monday night at Twiropa. Michael William/Dr. Teeth crooned like Axl Rose (!) over tortoise blues progressions while electric guitarist Joshua Garrett played with Satanic fury. The s-l-o-w tempos and furtive giggling that came from the stage spoke to the bandís, er, state of mind, and their inebriation became a detriment. While the cow-core jams meandered, even the group looked bored. Because they only had a five song EP to their name and an hour slot to fill, they totally spaced out, maaan.

The set was given a sudden burst, however, when Garret joined William at the mic for the loudest I-IV-V progression in history. While Garret reigned over the mic stand, William pumped a bloody, Neil Young inspired brick out of his amp. They finished with another noise jam. It had the much needed energy that the rest of the set (and the night in general) lacked.

Garret unplugged his guitar and walked around the stage aimlessly while the rest of the band galloped along until it suddenly hit a brick wall and stopped just as quickly as they had started. Many had left the stage area during the abrasive set, but those of us who stuck it out didnít get enough.

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