Always The Runner


March 07, 2005


I was born in 1984, which makes me a product of the so-called MTV Generation. Sociologists claim that people of my generation have short
attention spans due to the music video channel. Though Iíve never particularly bought into that theory anyway, I disproved it Monday night by resisting boredom during Always the Runner's set at Twiropa.

The Baton Rouge group's post-rock emo-pop tended to wander a bit, like a dog on his way back from chasing a cat. He stopped, sniffed some flowers, and kept walking. He got home eventually, but he took his time. Because their songs were (mostly) instrumental, Always the Runner could have been viewed as tedious by those with short attention spans.

They wrote interesting melodies that flowed over time signatures too complicated for my mind to measure. While the songs were nice enough, I couldnít help but wonder how much they would have benefited from a bit of strength. They built layer upon layer until the song was about to break into a huge distorted mess, but then the band toned down the sound, settled back into a pocket, and moved on. This was disappointing because the move took most of the excitement out of the music. Luckily, they never lost touch of their pop sensibilities.

They kept the songs interesting, but they just weren't as powerful as they could have been.

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