Life is Bad

The Circle Bar

March 04, 2005

There was a punk/hardcore meltdown at The Circle Bar Friday night. Local trio Life is Bad friggin' meant it. They screamed, threw their bodies into the crowd and played noise without bass. Vocalists/guitarists Nick Lynton and Rob Bryant yelled incomprehensible lyrics for every song's duration while the drummer pounded cymbal and guitar time bomb explosions. Lynton and Bryant sweated, breathed heavily into the mic between songs and created a dangerous atmosphere by getting into an exhausted zone. This headspace led them stumbling into the audience piled up behind the first table on the left side of the performance room. It wouldn't have been far-fetched
to see the band surrounded by a mosh pit. Testosterone and adrenaline flowed.

People normally don't expect fast and loud music at The Circle Bar. Concert energy is palpable in such a small space. The highlight of the night came from the crowd. One woman who obviously didn't expect the music inexplicably threw her drink at a bunch of dancers up front. She soon left.

The band played good music, and the show was fun. If you want to scream and jump around all crazy like, then head over to a Life is Bad show.

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