I, Octopus


March 03, 2005

Local instrumental band I, Octopus played abrasive and spacey rock at Twiropa Thursday night. Grating noise was manifested when Michael Lentz and Blake Lewis played battling guitars. Lentz put an epilectic hand over his strings while Lewis played notes that were enjoyable yet disturbing. There wasn't one particular emotion that went with their music. Some were apocalyptic, and some were soothing.

Smoky, circular songs appeared when Lewis switched to bass. Lewis and Lentz played repetive lines while electric pianist Scott McManus added psychedelia with some airy sounds. This groovy type was fed by drummer Matt Aguiluz's syncopated beats. Most of the songs were in a strange rock meter, mostly 3/4. Aguiluz was on time, but his accents seemed stilted or forced. The music would have been better served if he had added variety to his rhythms.

The music was intelligent, and it rocked out often. The thin crowd applauded a lot, but they didn't get close to the stage. C'mon people. We gotta get down before we die.

Lentz was the most energetic member of the group. He had to bump into Lewis during the last song in order to get Lewis smiling and into the music. It's important for the band to seem like they enjoy the music. Show us something. Lentz used a voice box. That was Frampton fun.

McManus was possibly the most indifferent onstage band member I've seen. He was funny. He ran off the stage in the middle of a song to get a drink, he checked his cell phone during one song, and he held his drink in one hand while he played the synth with the other.

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