Dimestore Troubadours(Pt. 2)

The Abbey

March 03, 2005

After The Dimestore Troubadours finished an opening set at Twiropa Thursday night, they moseyed over to Decatur Street for dinner. While in The Abbey they asked the bartendress if the band could play in the small corner by the cigarette machine. She said yes, and thinking they would be the first live band to play in The Abbey(they weren't), they returned in excitement to Twiropa to get their gear.

Since the The Dimestore Troubadours are from Baton Rouge, they lost their trombone and sax player to early morning rise times. At 2 a.m. banjo player Brian Kees, vocalist/accordionist/ guitarist Joseph Kees, and drummer Creighton walked into The Abbey dressed in three piece suits with their instruments and no amplification.

After Pearl Jam's "Alive" finished playing on the jukebox, The Dimestore Troubadours started playing their low-down, dark, hard-hitting, bone-stripped junkyard Rock. Taking from Ragtime and Gypsy Jazz, they also swung and performed a waltz.

The band got a couple of strange looks from the bar, and nobody applauded after the first two songs. Then, the music, which wasn't too loud with Creigton's brush playing, started to work well as background music. The bar started to applaud more and more, and after the bartendress forcefully passed a tip bucket around, the band had some money before they finished. The Dimestore Troubadours made $8--pretty good considering they only made $20 off their Twiropa gig.

The band talked with the bartendress after the show, and they'll probably get a weekly spot at The Abbey, as the club is looking to book more live acts.

If it's late at night and you really wanna play, head over there.

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