Patrick Smith Band


February 24, 2005


Patrick Smith was a Triple A Jon Cleary. The traditional pianist from Jackson, MS, performed a mixture of horn-powered Funk and Gospel at Twiropa Thursday night. The sometimes pianist for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band swung his shoulders and played solo frenzies that were reminiscent of Cleary. But, Smith's band wasn't as tight as Cleary's, and Smith didn't have his knack for hooks and unescapable grooves. Smith was joined by bassist Dale Morris, guitarist Rodney Moore, drummer Andrew Hammer, trumpeter Maurice Turner, and a saxophonist.

The band was tight and talented. They played music that would have been good enough anywhere else but New Orleans, where the Funk scene is so saturated that if a band isn't great, they're gone.

Smith didn't have that special something. Living in New Orleans my body is preternaturally disposed to dance to Smith's kind of music, but it didn't drive me. Smith was congenial, but I wish he was more confident. Twice he thanked the crowd for "putting up with us."

Smith did play an enjoyable cover of The Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want," and he ended his set with a vibrant, clap-heavy Gospel number. At least Smith's passion was honest.

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