D.J. Real


February 20, 2005

D.J. Real's set at Shiloh Sunday night was entitled, "'93 'till Infinity." It showcased underground and mainstream Hip-Hop classics from the modern day. Real played Gang Starr, Mass Appeal, Souls of Mischief, Dahamadia, Nas, and Buckshot Le Funk, which is a collaboration between Branford Marsalis and Gang Starr member D.J. Premier.

Real has spun records since '88, and he works the boards at The Abbey every Wednesday at 6. This is the longest running D.J. gig in New Orleans.

Real didn't do cutting tricks, but he didn't need to. Enough talent laid in his mixing ability. He faded one song into another with a smooth, delicate touch. The two and four beats were lined up, but on one particular song, he knew the right amount of time to let a voice linger into the next song to make it pleasurable. It was an art.

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