The Eames Era


February 18, 2005


Lead singer Ashlin Phillips did her best Betty Boop poses in a black and white polka dot dress. Her endless energy and snarky personality drove The Eames Era's set at Twiropa Friday night. She frumped up her hair with an arm at a ninety degree angle, twisted, and danced all over the stage. But not in an annoying way. Even though her wide eyes and stretched smile spoke of dramatics(she should be an actress), her effervescence was earnest and essential. She needed to make up for the guys in the band--guitarists Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, drummer Greg Gauthreaux, and bassist Brian Waits. Liquidrone/Myrtles pianist Casey McAllister sat in with the band.

Local Rock band Rotary Downs' drummer Zack Smith was at the concert, and he said it's hard for young guys to express themselves in bands because they're so worried about looking cool. This was the only problem I had with the men of The Eames Era. Instead of standing in one spot, they could have added to the show's energy by bopping their heads, jumping around, etc.

The Eames Era was a three year-old Rock band from Baton Rouge. Their tight performance had a mix of malevolent, choppy guitars and upbeat rhythms. The Eames Era's danceable music was complemented by uppity handclaps.

The music would have been good anyway, but with her wide range of personalit(ies) and beautiful voice, Phillips made sure every song was excellent. I could almost see her offstage making fun of sorority girls with "like, oh my God!" type comments.

For the first 3/4's of the set, McAllister wasn't in the mix. When he came through the speakers, he added so much color to the music. The band would do well to keep him aboard for as long as possible.

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