Stanton Moore Quartet


January 29, 2005

With ruler-straight posture Stanton Moore hit his kick drum and bopped off his stool in reaction. Moore's signature physical drum attack and the multitude of his different snare, kick drum and hi-hat scenarios were on display when his quartet performed in Twiropa's big room Saturday night. Moore was joined by an all-star cast--Astral Project saxophonist Tony Dagradi, Bonerama trombonist Mark Mullins, and 20th Congress organist Robert Walter--to play Jazz-influenced Funk.

During one song Moore kicked a large, nasty and elemental beat, but Moore mostly kept away from the strong Funk and instead treaded a middle ground where he experimented but didn't interfere with the music by getting too loud. The absence of a bassist was another reason why the music wasn't overtly Funky. Instead, Moore followed Walter's bass-like lines.

Metairie-born Moore, who was taught by Astral project drummer Johnny Vidacovich, is known for his work with Funk band Galactic. Like most New Orleans musicians, Moore strays into different bands(New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars, Garage A Trois, Rachid Taha).

While Moore and Walter improvised off each other all night, Dagradi and Mullins were stuck to reading sheet music. Since they were learning the music, they weren't comfortable enough to let loose. Still, their planned, simultaneous melodies anchored the songs and were enjoyable. Walter reacted to Dagradi and Mullins by playing a different melody or throwing in quick accents between their sound.

Moore played his own songs, but the band also played one piece each from Mullins and Walter.

The musicians were into the music. They all had a smile on their face at some point. Throughout the night the crowd shouted encouragement for the band's awesome moves and solos.

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