Lounge Lizards

January 21, 2005

Sue Ford screamed into the microphone as her Flying V guitar hung from its strap. A skull and crossbones insignia was fastened onto the belt buckle that held the strap together. Rhinestones covered the skull and bones. This mixture of the feminine and the dangerous coarsed through local all woman band Manwitch. They played energetic, tough Rock covered with lyrics of empowerment and independence at Lounge Lizards Friday night. At the same time, every band member wore a piece of pink clothing, and they all had on the same color nail polish.

Manwitch was singer/guitarist Ford, lead guitarist Laurie Schefsky, bassist Rachelle O'Brien, and drummer Michelle Lacayo. They played straightforward melodic Rock that possessed the tenacity of Punk. It was fun music that a few in the crowd banged their head to. It wasn't raw enough to be compared to The Stooges, but it also wasn't gloomy enough to resemble Nirvana.

Speaking of Nirvana, Manwitch ended their set with a great cover of "Aneurysm." Nirvana falls into The Beatles cover band category. Their music is so revered that a band is better off not playing a song if they can't pull it off. Thankfully, Manwitch screamed and played "Aneurysm" with precision and vigor.

They played the rest of the set the same way. They were so tight that they all stopped songs at exactly the same moment. No big, sloppy rock endings here.

Hats off to Schefsky, who created an extremely melodic five minute solo(a number of different songs could have come out of what she played)while Ford changed a string.

Manwitch was started by local band veteran Ford one year ago as an offshoot of Mardi Gras all-woman band Pink Slip. O'Brien and Lacayo are also members. Once Ford tracked down Schefsky, the former lead guitarist of Evil Nurse Sheila, the line-up was complete. Manwitch will enter the studio soon to record an EP.

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