January 18, 2005

Crazyface will catch on if Funk kids embrace loops, House thump power and D.J. scratches. The band was guitarist/electrician Dennis Hartman, keyboardist Tom Worrell, and D.J. Kenitk.

I was diggin' their improvisational Funk, Electronica, and Hip-Hop. Their twenty minute pieces were songs within songs. They expounded on an idea for five minutes, and then they changed gears without losing momentum. I didn't know what was coming next. The only problem with the band was that Crazyface's big bass sound was too much to handle after a time.

The mix of Worrell and Hartman's different manifestations of guitar sounds was the band's axis. Over a sometimes looped beat, drummer Steve Reichlen kept a steady rhythm. People might find it repetitive.

Mmmmm. Unpredicatble electro-funk.

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