Open Mic Night

Carrollton Station

January 17, 2005


It's sad that Monday night's open mic at Carrollton Station was similar to many poetry readings I've attended over the years. Most of the guitarists left after they performed three or four songs.

Still, the night was enjoyable because it possessed a laid-back atmosphere. MC/Soundman DC Harbold opened up the floor to poets, performers, and musicians after he performed five of his own acoustic songs. No poets or performers took advantage. Oh, well.

Harbold's love-related songs were the best things to come from the stage all night. There was a lot of folk strumming coming from the seven that signed up. One guy had a Creed voice and vibe going, while an electrical guitarist played enjoyably rhythmic, Irish music-influenced instrumentals.

Between performers, Harbold kept things light by complimenting the guitarists and telling jokes. "Why can't Helen Keller have kids? Because she's dead." I heard some guys in the corner laughing and talking about how they were gonna use that one.

No matter how bad the music gets, an open mic is still a great way to gauge how the general public(not the professionals) is processing music. Everybody's still earnest, that's for sure.

Every Monday night at Carrollton Station.

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