Adam's Attic

House of Blues

January 08, 2005


Adam's Attic played a softer and slower number. I was about to leave when they busted into a louder song. At that moment, twenty minutes into the concert, I was ready to stay the remainder. I thought, "Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe a louder song with more instrumentation will show me that these guys are more subtle than I realized. Maybe their music is just something I have to warm up to." Unfortunately, there was nothing secret under their hood. The song sounded like the others, so it was a minute before I was out the door of The House of Blues Saturday night.

Let's get the good stuff out of the way. First, the singer had a terrific voice. He did a good job of connecting with the audience through his hand gestures and energy. Second, the local Pop/Rock band from Belle Chasse was tight. In addition, they moved from song to song like a well-oiled machine. Very professional. That was also part of the problem.

Adam's Attic sounded as if some radio-minded person deleted the interesting aspects of their music. Or, maybe those interesting aspects weren't present to begin with. Adam's Attic played MOR(Middle Of the Road) rock. Like a lesser and louder version of Hootie and The Blowfish(lay off the crash cymbal). If Adam's Attic is trying to sell records, that shouldn't be a problem. I can imagine one of their polished and consequently boring songs on a station I'd skip over. Their songs had annoyingly similar vocal melodies, and they didn't move me. Simple as that. They might move you. I'm not ruling out that possibility, but there just wasn't anything special about the songs. If they're just trying to make it onto the radio, then their songwriting could be considered exceptional. The songs got to the point and were easy to follow--verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus.

In order to be better all-around songwriters, though, the band must move away from generic chords and not be afraid to use a large variety of melodies.

Considering the MOR rock on hand, I wasn't surprised to see women old enough to be my Mom mingling with college kids sporting backwards baseball caps. The band filled up half of the dancefloor, but a significant portion of that dancefloor was talking during the songs. The concert must have only been a social stop for some.

Not good. Not bad. Blandest.

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