Furcharger(Pt. 2)


January 06, 2005

Furcharger's character poked its head out a little further during their second gig and first at Tipitina's Thursday night. Though the band has a long way to go in the stage presence department, they loosened up, had more fun, and played better.

Furcharger was scrunched up and uncomfortable on The Red Eye Stage, but at Tips, each member had room to spread out and pull off rock star moves. Bassist Bobby Mora bent his knee up on the monitor, and guitarist Chris Thacker diagonally played his extended phalus during aggressive and scorching solos. Thacker was the most talented member of the band, and even when he had to improvise during a string change, he came up with melodic and Van Halenish tones. He was a go-go robot in that way. Turn the switch and watch the fun. Thacker made the biggest improvement in the band since the first gig. All of his rhythm parts were linear and no longer spotty.

Furcharger played a few straight pop/rock numbers, but with two members who were capable of mouth-gaping solos, a hard rocking spirit permeated their concert. The band's set was tight, but they'd do well to eliminate their instrumentals. First, they weren't interesting enough to stand alone. Second, songs without vocals allow an audience enough time to lose focus and interest. I heard a lot of people start talking once the band started an instrumental.

The band should work on two things:

1. They played on time, but sometimes the instruments and the many different notes collided with one another to create a fuzz. They should accentuate with space.

2. Josh Roger's vocals were decent at best. The band needs to find someone with a better voice if they want to get more notice.

So, it was great to see Furcharger jump out of their skins a bit. The crowd liked it, too. There was a lot of applause and yelling for the band. The guys weren't oblivious to the fact they played well. Right after the lights went down, Roger high-fived Chris. The crowd yelled for an encore, and the band was ready to come out an do an Ashlee Simpson cover, but the club pulled the plug on them.

I predict everything will come together at show number five.

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