Lee Quick

Neutral Ground Coffee House

January 06, 2005

The incompetence of The Saints gave local singer/songwriter Lee Quick some room for social commentary Thursday night at The Neutral Ground Coffee House. The premise of the song was that The Saints will never win The Super Bowl(big stretch). She basically said that the Saints will win The Super Bowl when (insert when hell freezes over impossibility here). That was as obvious as it got. Most of the humor spread throughout her other folk/country songs was wry and subtle.

Quick was armed with a six-string electric acoustic guitar. Since her songs were made up of simple chord changes and no soloing(even though I'd like to see that more in the singer/songwriter world), my focus was left on her lyrics and voice. A character stuck in routine, the beauty in nature, and love lost made up some of the subjects in her tight ditties. Quick also did an admirable job of conveying the spunk in two Elvis Costello covers. Quick's voice had a country twang, but most of her songs had a bluesy feel, either on the surface or as an undertone. Her cynical outlook permeated the material. Her voice was pleasant when she tested her lungs and took it to the limit. That's when she was most likely to hit some beautiful notes. But, when she took short breaths over and over again, her voice wasn't as strong. It didn't break, but it certainly wasn't as pleasing to the ear.

Locally reknown violinist Gina Forsyth joined Quick for a few songs, and the two connected well. Forsyth's exuberance and flow on her instrument added a fun energy to the show.

Quick has been playing at The Neutral Ground since 2001, and since she's been playing once a month, she joked about how the coffeehouse was like playing in her living room. There were a good amount of people at the show, and they were appreciative of Quick.

Quick's smart charm and sweet demeanor made her songs more than just another bunch of overly earnest folkies.

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