Jimmy and The Wolfpack

The Circle Bar

January 05, 2005

I'd expect a long relationship if two lovers picked Jimmy and The Wolfpack's "Two Midgets in a Human Suit" as their song. Guitarist/vocalist sang the brilliantly hilarious song of betrayal Wednesday night at The Circle Bar. "Two Midgets" told the story of a man who woke up to find a crumpled human suit on the bedroom floor. He went downstairs and got his heart broken when he found two familiar-looking midgets exchanging carnal information. The best part of the song was the breakdown/testimonial, when , singing as the man, said, "Baby, I don't care if you're really two midgets in a human suit." The song was a sing-along that had some of the audience chanting the title phrase. Some people, understandably, weren't ready to be quite that silly.

Jimmy and The Wolfpack was a '50's rock and roll party band that picked up where Maximus left off. Maximus was a Stacks spin-off that could have played at an "Animal House" party. Jimmy and The Wolfpack's songs were just as rockingly danceable and lighthearted. The numbers were as smooth as sandpaper, and screeching guitar solos simply rocked. Drummer David Rhoden kept an effective 1-2-3-4 boom-boom-boom-boom marriage between the snare and the kick drum all night. Rhoden's use of the two at the same time added to the music's raw feeling. In addition, Rhoden knew when to open the hi-hat to give things a kick. The band was only a two piece Wednesday night. They normally have an extra guitarist/bassist, but they pulled off their deficiency well. Maybe they should think about keeping it a two-piece at times.

When The Wolfpack wasn't waxing philosophical about human suits, they were singing songs about girls that would have put a smile on Chuck Berry's face--the songs and the girls. "Bertha" was a song about a large, bad mamma-jamma in which the band stopped the music to breathe heavily, "Buuurrrtha." Another humorous highlight was Menon's love letter to Coney Island, "Shoot the Freak(in the Head)." Can you guess what the sing-along chant was?

The bar was at normal capacity, which is about half-full. People close to the band were diggin' them, giving them generous applause and hollas.

If you bring your sense of humor and your dancing shoes to a Jimmy and The Wolfpack show, you'll be fine.

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